El Moises is leaving his mark as a modern day artist that brings the essence of urban culture and barrio flavor to mainstream fine art arena. The foundation of his artwork is influenced by the Chicano, American, Native American, and Mexican cultures that are reflected in his art pieces.

Narrating history, culture, visions, and street life, he creates the core elements of a chic, vibrant cornucopia. The artist's distinctive style is bright, intense, and exhilarating with countless strokes of brilliant colors flowing in all directions layered on his images, often distorted and surreal, bordered in a bold black outline.

Inspired by his roots, El Moises accents his wood carved frames with a Native American and/or Mexican folk art touch often bringing the artwork outside of the square dimensions.

El Moises persistently creates innovative, inimitable work that conveys wit, ethnicity and sincerity. The lively, extraordinary artworks of El Moises tell stories that are at times humorous, moving and often derived from a life experience.